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Nordstern Ceramics FAQs

All You Need To Know

What is the life expectancy of Ceramic Tops after grinding?

If the dewatering element has got more than 3 mm of ceramic left after grinding, you can safely assume a life extension of 6-7 years. 

Why should I not change the tops with new ones?

With Ceramic tops, there is no degradation in compound over years. Simply resurfacing can save you a lot of capital expenditure.

How do I maintain the angle of 0.5 degree to 3 degree in my tops?

With our CNC machines we provide you extreme accuracy in maintaining the angles. You just need to take care of the position at which the resurfaced tops are installed.

Do we need to grind the uhle box tops too?

Though felts are more flexible as compared to forming fabrics, still an uneven surface will result in vacuum leaks and performance issues. It is always better to have flat surfaces on suction tops irrespective of position.

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